About The Löffler Lab

Dr. Frank Löffler
Goodrich Chair of Excellence Professor

Address: Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee
325 John D. Tickle Building 851 Neyland Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1605
Phone: 865-974-4933

Act responsibly, think microbial

The Löffler Lab studies relevant biogeochemical processes in soil, sediment, subsurface and water environments by combining cultivation-based techniques with genetic, biochemical, analytical, meta-omics, and computational methodologies. This integrated approach unifies research themes in the Löffler Lab, and all projects address fundamental research questions, some have an applied component, and several are of considerable public interest.
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Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dept. Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science

Research Themes in the Löffler Lab